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Albion Cellars and The Albion Millworks are Design/Build firms started in 1990 by Richard and Nancy Peden, in Boulder, CO. We are currently based in Carmel and Monterey, CA. We married in 1970 in Jeffersonville, Vermont after growing up in Carmel, CA.

Having traveled and worked on community and building projects in the US and Europe, we returned to the Monterey Bay area in 2002 and now live in historic Monterey.

Richard is a USGBC, LEED AP certified, general contractor licensed in CA, lover of fine woodworking, photography, wine and music.

Nancy has done doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her own company, Lived Learning (, offers collaborative methods using the world wide web. She is a phenomenologist, social researcher, community activist and web developer.

The name Albion comes from a lovely, small town in Mendocino County, CA. We chose it to help us remember the past as we try to build an honorable future.

The Albion News blog is an eclectic collection of stories, products and services crafted by friends in ways we believe are graceful and useful; people and places celebrated with heart. We focus on the gift of living on this earth in as beneficial a relationship to all as possible.

We hope to share experiences of artful building by old world craftspeople (an endangered species indeed) and modern innovative builder/artists, of builders who use green and sustainable materials, of artisans creating food and wine with verve and taste reflecting the terrĂ´ir of place and travelers who venture into different worlds.

We hope to share people and places that will inspire you in your own search for living a creative, honorable life of meaning and value.